XTRF - a bierf description of a system

XTRF – Process management tool used in translation and localization companies or divisions of translation and...

Translation programs – necessity or fashion?

Translation software market continues to grow – this is probably the most buoyant segment of software. Just try...


Linguee is to a lesser extent a translation service as it is an translation lexicon and search engine. While it...

Bing Translator

Bing Translator, a Microsoft item, is the translator engine implanted into Windows Phone, and it likewise has the...

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Our project aims at finding and describing the best tools that a young translator should get acquainted with. We believe that we have sufficient knowledge that can guide many people in the industry.

  • XTRF - a bierf description of a system

  • Translation programs – necessity or fashion?

  • Linguee

  • Bing Translator

  • Google Translate

  • My personal opinion about Trados