Translation Management System

Translation programs – necessity or fashion?

Translation software market continues to grow – this is probably the most buoyant segment of software. Just try to follow the release dates of programs in this category. On the verge of April and May we witnessed appearance of all major updates of CAT Tools. As quickly as the tools are developing all around services – trainings, webinars, certification processes, and system implementations. Wen we also add a multitude of services that are delivered in the cloud we can surely talk about a revolution in translation. Is this boom only a fad? Is the use of translating tools- like CAT-  a necessity for a modern translator? Probably a bit of both. Many translators are already using such tools, but there is a large group of those who are still hesitating and are not sure whether to use Cat or not? We will try to answer this question in the article.

Translation support mechanisms and programs are extremely helpful, especially to agencies. As of now, most of them, in not requires, certainly encourages its employees to use them. It’s just pure profit, with CAT you pay only for what was translated. In addition agencies acquire a lot of valuable translation memories and terminology databases. Working for an agency, the use of Cat tools is rather a necessity – sooner or later your boss asks for it. However, it is a blessing in disguise because with the proper use, your translation will be more consistent, you will have the full control over the number of translated pages and characters. You get it all while working on a professional CAT tool.

Another criterion for determining whether we need these tools or not are kinds of translations we perform. Of course, it doesn’t apply to interpreters – they don’t need such programs. There is little use for many translators that specialize in translating literature, because here instead of repeating phrases and collocations we need a particular sense of taste and literary talent. It cannot be done by any computer program. The same thing is with poetry and philosophy. All I said in this paragraph doesn’t mean that you won’t find Cat tools helpful in translating poetry and so on. You can do it, but you won’t use the full potential of the CAT tools.