Translation Management System

My personal opinion about Trados


1. Trados is still considered by numerous people to be the best CAT tool out there – if not the most progressive or dependable, at least the most comprehensive one.

2. Their support is great, when you are eager to pay for it. That said, frequently, even they can't figure what the issue is.

3. It is still developeded with strong marketing, and with clear messages.

4. In the event that you are searching for a different term managing solution MultiTerm is your best possible decision.

5. On-the-fly spell checking utilizing Microsoft spell checker

6. All segments are checked precisely relying upon the stage the record is in (translation, reviewing, and so forth.) This used to be a Trados speciality (and an extremely valuable one, I may include), however the new Déjà vu X3 offers it too.

7. There is an effectively created language platform (SDL OpenExchange) where fans distribute Trados additional tools, some of which are to be surly extremely helpful


  1. Where do I begin? Trados is a monster – installation packs are huge, the process of installation is lengthy and once in a while troublesome. While working, it makes a large number of impractical documents in not defined places.
  2. I have been utilizing – and paying for Trados – since 2007, and it that period there has never been a form that I would call dependable. You either can't get your record in, or you can't get your translation out. Furthermore, the product used to crash very often. A 2011 release was the first 'stable' one. The new version 2014 is not as awful as 2011 when it first turned out, but it is clear that it is still a long way from a tottaly complete product.

  3. Trados costs an exorbitant price, and consistently you will need to pay them more for the newer versiont, which usually is simply the old adaptation with a couple of bugs settled – Come on, SDL, this is not a satisfying method of treating the paying clients! Lately, they have been compelled to reexamine their price policy by the accomplishment of the 'Young lions' at Kilgray, and the low costs of Atril's Déjà vu X2 and X3. Out of the 'Big 3' CAT tools, Trados stubbornly offers a different term sollution (Multiterm), as opposed to fusing it as in Atril and Kilgray. Why? You got it well: moneywise it is quite a deal to offer two overpriced items than only one.