Translation Management System

XTRF - a bierf description of a system

XTRF – Process management tool used in translation and localization companies or divisions of translation and localization companies.

XTRF includes: translation project management, clients and subcontractors database management (mostly translators, correctors and other specialists), management of billing, support sales activities,  preparation of valuations, file management, and project quality management. XTRF officialy supports all the steps required by ISO certification.

The system was created in 2004. On the request of the Office of Technical Translations LIDO-LANG established in Krakow.  The contractor of the system were the team of IT specialists of the European Institute of Information and technology and Certification EUTECert. On September 1st 2010, XTRF as an organization separated from the mother company (LIDO-LANG) becoming an independent company operating under the name of XTRF Management System. XTRF Management System sp. z o.o. has all the rights to distribute, promote, conduct sales activities and support their customers.

XTRF was created in technology based on a work in the web browser. Thanks to this resolution it allows to work on almost any computer providing it has access to the Internet. The users connect to the system by the use of http/https protocols, using any browser they want. XTRF implementation is done on the server – external or your own. The system is created in Java. It uses the PostgreSQL database (open source), which ensures safety of the stored data, even with the ability to restore lost content from any point in time. The data stored in the system are protected by an individual login mechanism, enhanced by a SSL security certificate.

XTRF has more than 20 language engines, allowing for a convenient work in your chosen language ( including English, French, Spanish, German, polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or Ukrainian). The system also supports international formats as UTF-8.